November Public Input

November Public Meeting
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Tuesday, November 13
6:00 pm

North Central Texas Council of Governments
616 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX 76011

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Mail: P.O. Box 5888, Arlington, Texas 76005

Strategic Partnerships Round 3/Intersection Improvements/MTP Policy Bundle TDC Funding Program [PDF] | Handout [PDF]
The Strategic Partnerships Round 3 Program is intended to award federal mobility and air quality funding to projects that leverage funds from local partners, make needed intersection improvements or have been submitted by cities that have qualified for federal toll credits. Projects have been evaluated on their technical merits, and a staff recommendation is proposed for review and comment. Details of the program and the projects being proposed for funding will be presented.

High-Speed Rail Update [PDF]
Staff will provide an update of recent progress regarding high-speed rail initiatives for the Fort Worth-to-Laredo project, including staff efforts to advance the initiatives. An update on the Dallas-to-Fort Worth and the Dallas-to-Houston projects will also be

Air Quality: Year in Review [PDF]
With the 2018 ozone season drawing to a close, staff will present information on
preliminary ozone season results. Accomplishments of various air quality projects will also be highlighted.
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EV Incentives
Several new electric vehicle makes and models are available in Texas. Visit to see which ones qualify for a rebate. Additionally, you may also qualify for incentives through the AirCheckTexas program. Visit to see which vehicles are eligible.

ACT Now!
You could be eligible for up to $3500 for your older vehicle! North Texans whose vehicles have failed the emission portion of the state inspection in the past 30 days or are at least 10 years old are encouraged to apply for assistance through the AirCheckTexas Program. For more information, visit or call 1-800-898-9103.