Infrastructure Provided Dynamic Ridesharing Functional Area


Dynamic rideshare matching, including traveler eligibility, preference information, connections to transit or other multimodal services, confirmation, and payment of rideshare matching services.

Included In

DFW Connect a Ride

Functional Requirements

1The center shall accept requests from traveler interface systems for ridesharing as part of a trip plan request.
2The center shall provide a rideshare match based on origin and destination of the traveler's proposed trip, any routing constraints, preferences specified by the traveler, compatibility of this rideshare with rideshares confirmed by other travelers, the requesting traveler's eligibility data, and traffic data.
3The center shall process rideshare requests by balancing the relative benefits of the rideshare to each rideshare participant.
4The center shall arrange connections to transit or other multimodal services for portions of a multi-segment trip that includes ridesharing.
5The center shall provide a confirmation of the traveler's rideshare match and provide the capability to support a payment transaction for the rideshare service.
6The center shall store all rideshare matches and traveler eligibility data.