TMC Work Zone Traffic Management


Coordination with maintenance systems using work zone images and traveler information systems (such as DMS), and distribution of work plans so that work zones are established that have minimum traffic impact.

Included In

Local Traffic Management Center
TxDOT District Traffic Management Center

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement
1 The center shall receive work zone images from a maintenance center.
2 The center shall analyze work zone images for indications of a possible incident.
3 The center shall remotely control driver information systems (such as dynamic messages signs, highway advisory radios) to advise drivers of activity around a work zone.
4 The center shall collect operational status for the driver information systems equipment in work zones.
5 The center shall collect fault data for the driver information systems equipment in work zones for repair.
6 The center shall receive proposed maintenance and construction work plans, analyze the activity as a possible incident, and provide work plan feedback to the sending center.