Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Subsystem (MCVS) resides in a maintenance, construction, or other specialized service vehicle or equipment and provides the sensory, processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support highway maintenance and construction. All types of maintenance and construction vehicles are covered, including heavy equipment and supervisory vehicles. The subsystem provides two-way communications between drivers/operators and dispatchers and maintains and communicates current location and status information. A wide range of operational status is monitored, measured, and made available, depending on the specific type of vehicle or equipment. For example, for a snow plow, the information would include whether the plow is up or down and material usage information. The subsystem may also contain capabilities to monitor vehicle systems to support maintenance of the vehicle itself and other sensors that monitor environmental conditions including the road condition and surface weather information. This subsystem can represent a diverse set of mobile environmental sensing platforms, including wheeled vehicles and any other vehicle that collects and reports environmental information.

Functional Area: MCV Roadway Maintenance and Construction

On-board systems that support routine non-winter maintenance on the roadway or right-of-way. Includes landscape maintenance, hazard removal (roadway debris, dead animals), routine maintenance activities (roadway cleaning, grass cutting), and repair and maintenance of equipment on the roadway.

ID Requirement Status
4 The maintenance and construction vehicle shall respond to dispatch information from the center, presented to the vehicle operator for acknowledgement and returning status. Existing