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TEXpress and Express/HOV Lanes

Dallas-Fort Worth is consistently one of the most congested regions in the country, but changes are being made that will help commuters reach the office or shoppers beat the crowds to the stores. When the LBJ Express, the DFW Connector and the North Tarrant Express open, they will introduce North Texans to a new way of traveling. Not only will drivers be able to use newly reconstructed roads, but they will have a choice between free general-purpose and tolled managed lanes, also called TEXpress Lanes. The same number of or more toll-free lanes will exist in each corridor. If motorists face traffic congestion in the general-purpose lanes, they will be able to enter the TEXpress Lanes and reach their destination sooner.

TEXpress Lanes will initially operate under a fixed-fee schedule for at least the first six months. Dynamic pricing will be implemented thereafter, allowing the toll rate to fluctuate throughout the day in order to ensure a guaranteed speed of 50 mph. Toll rates will also vary by vehicle type based on the table below.





In TEXpress Lanes, HOV-eligible vehicles will pay
half the rate during the morning and afternoon peak periods and the full rate during off-peak periods of travel; however, they will travel for free at all times of the day on the express/HOV lanes. Vehicles that are not HOV-eligible will pay the full rate at all times.

In addition, the current HOV lanes, existing in the region since the early 1990s, will be converted to express/HOV lanes. They will be open to solo drivers, as long as they are willing to pay for each trip. The
toll will be clearly posted and set based on traffic volumes so users can be guaranteed reliable trips. HOV-eligible vehicles will continue to travel for free
at all times of the day on the express/HOV lanes.

Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: Managed Lanes Will Help You Get There[PDF]


Dallas-Fort Worth TEXpress Lane System



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