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transportation imageDelete this sentence after you have copied and pasted content below.


This will help insures the picture to the right will retain its position on the page. If something goes wrong I recommend using your edit - undo (Ctrl+Z) command.

Remember to change the alt. text if you are adding new images.

Contribute asked you for a page title first. Your page title should be "whatever -"

You may delete Extra Panels as needed.

The Basic Page

- Our basic new page is always a fan favorite.

Page Featuring A Table

- Use our table page if your new page needs a cool table!

Page with A Bulleted List

- All the kids are using Bullets now days so feel free to use our Bullet template for a new page.


Page with Several Examples

- What if we put several interesting features of our site on one page. Well it might look like this.


Browser Resources

- Want to up your tech resources? Add some extensions to your browser. If your your web performance drops don't be afraid to delete them either.

Extensions can be found for (Chrome) or (Firefox) or (Internet Explorer)

Among the useful extensions in my experience are:

Some Examples:

- Link Checkers

- Built With

- Similar Sites

- Color Picker


Department and Agency Resources

Where is all the support? How about right here?

- Frequently Asked Questions?

- Transportation Website Workgroup

Contribute Web Training

Contribute Workshop

- Transportation Website Standards and Checklist

Survey Monkey (user name = TransportationDept | password = SixFlags!)

- Select Survey (Contact for Robert Hall for an Account)

Enterprise Foundation Technology

What other web related technology does the agency use:

- NCTCOG SharePoint (Way to share documents and plans)

- NCTCOG CRM (A way to keep track of contacts)


Remember our Tracking Capabilities

- Peter Drucker has been remembered as commenting that, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Here are our tracking options:


Quarterly Web Analytic Tracking [pdf]

Google Analytics (user name = | password = cogwebtrans)
Please don't check "remember me box" it interferes with the correct operations of analytics.

-> Social Media Analytics (Contact)

- Google Analytics Academy (help and terms)

Google Trends (no user name or password needed)



What in the Wide World of Web is goin' on around here?

- Feeling uninspired? Check out the Webby Awards for Government!


Take a "far out" trip back through to our "groovy" time

- goes back to 2003, but to go even further back in time check this out!


A few things to remember:

  • The blue menu (to the left) is maintained by Robert.
  • The actual Contribute training presentation is linked for you.
  • After your page is created it is in your interest to review the page. [PDF, 1 MB.]
  • Upon completing the review include the review date and your initials at the bottom of the page.
  • Please contact me if you want something other than the "standard" transportation blue menu, or if you have any questions about your new web page.

I try to encourage the use of keywords and descriptions (meta-tags) to help search engine optimization. Use Ctrl+Alt+K to add the keywords and description.

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