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July 2016

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2016 Progress North Texas Cover
Weatherford ISD’s Logan wins annual NCTCOG art contest

Weatherford Independent School District eighth-grader Erin Logan was recently recognized as the winner of the Progress North Texas art contest. In its fifth year, the contest asked eighth-grade students in WISD how they would make transportation in North Texas safer.


Erin’s depiction of the inside of a vehicle with features that prohibit texting while driving and encourage safe behaviors

appeared on the cover of the recently published Progress North Texas 2016. This annual transportation report focuses on what the NCTCOG Transportation Department and its partners are doing to improve the safety of the multimodal transportation system.


Erin’s artwork set the tone for the color scheme and design of the entire report, which examines safety related to both transportation and air quality. NCTCOG maintains many programs intended to help the ten counties in ozone nonattainment meet federal ozone standards, which help residents breathe cleaner air and stay healthy.


Other top finishers in this year’s art contest were Yissel Lazo, second place; Corbin Duncan, third place; and Amya Carr-McGowan, honorable mention.


The Progress North Texas art contest was started to provide students the chance to get involved in the planning process. It is moved around the region each year to provide students throughout the 12-county metropolitan planning area the opportunity to contribute to the conversation about meeting the transportation needs of the region as it continues to grow.


Today’s students will be making decisions that affect the entire region in the decades to come, and this contest introduces the younger generations to the idea of transportation planning.


Copies of the report are available by contacting Brian Wilson at 817-704-2511 or To read it online, visit, where other contest entries can also be viewed.


Picture of PNT art contest winner

Erin Logan, an eighth-grader at Tison Middle School in Weatherford, was recently recognized as the winner of the Progress North Texas 2016 art contest. She was joined by her parents, as well as Michael Morris, NCTCOG Director of transportation (left); and Mark Riley, chair of the Regional Transportation Council (second from right). As the winner, Erin received a framed copy of the cover.

Photo: Weatherford Independent School District


General Assembly highlights past, present

The North Central Texas Council of Governments celebrated 50 years of regional cooperation in June by highlighting the past and present. The 50 past presidents were recognized during the annual General Assembly, as were leaders of today.


NCTCOG presents three awards annually in recognition of the contributions of individuals and governments to make the region more livable. The following awards were given:

  • William J. Pitstick Award: Granbury Mayor Pro Tem Mickey Parson.
  • Linda Keithley Award: Opal Mauldin-Robertson, Lancaster city manager.
  • Regional Cooperation Award: Town of Addison and cities of Coppell, Carrollton and Farmers Branch

General Assembly Luncheon 2016

Additionally, the new Executive Board officers were elected, with Plano Mayor Pro Tem Lissa Smith taking over as president for the next year. North Richland Hills Councilmember Tom Lombard is the new vice president, and Waxahachie Mayor Kevin Strength is secretary-treasurer. Hunt County Judge John Horn will serve a past president. Dr. Steve Murdock, former state demographer, also discussed the Texas of the future with those in attendance.


For more on the 50th anniversary of NCTCOG, visit


Video encourages DFW to ‘Turn it Off!’

Idling produces 11 million tons of carbon dioxide, 200,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 5,000 tons of particulate matter from diesel exhaust in the US each year. Throughout North Texas, civic leaders and local officials have been teaming up to reduce idling of vehicles as part of a statewide initiative to cut ozone-forming emissions and protect public health.


To learn more about local idling success stories and how you can take action to help your community benefit from cleaner air, watch NCTCOG’s idling video, “Turn It Off! ” at


PUBLIC Involvement

Help with national survey on transportation

Thousands of North Texans received mailed questionnaires beginning this spring asking them to participate in the National Household Travel Survey.


To help transportation planners and policymakers better understand how people travel in Dallas-Fort Worth, the North Central Texas Council of Governments encourages residents to respond to the NHTS. The results will help determine where and how future transportation investments are made. Households were randomly selected for the survey, and participation is voluntary, but a higher participation rate will yield more accurate data for planning efforts. The first part of the survey consists of 16 basic questions.


Respondents will then receive access to a secure website where they can log their travel for a typical day – a process that takes about 15 minutes on average. The Federal Highway Administration has conducted the survey every five to seven years since 1969 to learn more about the travel behavior of Americans. To learn more, visit


Bike Pedestrian Fact Sheet
Fact sheet:  Moving Freight in North Texas


In North Texas, trucks are perhaps the most visible mode of freight movement. Approximately 77 percent of goods shipped to the region arrive by truck. While this number

is significant, the freight industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is diverse, encompassing rail, intermodal, air cargo, trucks and pipelines. These modes work together to ensure food gets to the grocery store, fuel makes it from the refinery to the service station and retail products are delivered to market for customers. For more on freight movement in the region, read the latest NCTCOG fact sheet:





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Stakeholders save 23M gallons of fuel


The Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition supports alternative fuel, advanced technology vehicles and their corresponding infrastructure, implementing idle-reduction measures, promoting new transportation technology, and analyzing fuel economy improvements.


To document progress, DFWCC collects data from public and private sector stakeholders in the region to estimate the amount of gasoline gallons and greenhouse gas emissions that were reduced by operating these vehicles.


In 2015, stakeholders reduced 23 million gallons of petroleum (a record for DFWCC) and over 35,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of alternative fuels and advanced technologies. Stakeholders reduced 22 million gallons in 2014.This progress is pivotal to the region as it continues to work toward attainment of the federal government’s ozone standard. Ten DFW counties are in nonattainment.


To read the report, visit


Public comments

Comments or questions about transportation or air quality topics may be submitted at any time. Submit questions or comments online or send them to:

North Central Texas
Council of Governments
Transportation Department
P.O. Box 5888
Arlington, TX 76005-5888 

Fax: 817-640-3028
Phone: 817-695-9240


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