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August 2015

Arlo, Airmadillo, Walk to Work
Clean Air Action Day participation grows 28%


Clean Air Action Day, a day encouraging North Texans to team up to make clean air decisions, experienced tremendous growth this year, with many residents committing to make small changes in an effort to improve the environment.


Twenty-eight percent more residents participated in this year’s event, held June 26, and commitments increased almost as much, 27 percent.


The most popular commitments for 2015 were maintaining vehicles, avoiding idling and combining trips. Each of these options garnered more than 200 participants. One commitment showing a significant increase in participation was bicycling or walking, growing from 15 percent to 20 percent in 2015.


Partners also took the event into their own hands, encouraging many ways of helping people improve air quality. The city of Plano, for example, had 239 children sign Clean Air Contracts to commit to being environmentally friendly. The University of North Texas Health Science Center encouraged electricity conservation, double-sided printing and the use of reusable water bottles and bags.


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Clean Air Action Day. The momentum for this event continues to grow substantially, with more North Texans joining the cause every year. Be sure to log commitments at and consider striving for better air quality all year long.


Clean Air Action Day was established in 2010 to encourage locals to contribute to improve the regional air quality through small changes to their routines. The event is held annually on the first Friday of summer. Ten North Texas counties are in nonattainment for the pollutant ozone and have until 2017 to meet the federal standard.

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