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Mobility Matters - Images of a freight truck traveling on a highway, downtown Fort Worth, a TRE locomotive, downtown Dallas skyline and highway traffic; Celebrating 35 Years of Regional Transportation Excellence, 1974 - 2009
Summer/Fall 2010 — Quarterly newsletter of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
Mobility Matters is a quarterly newsletter about the transportation planning activities and air quality
programs of the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Regional Transportation
Council — together serving as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth
area since 1974. Contact us at

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Share a Ride

New Program Provides Regional Ride-Matching
System aims to improve traffic flow by encouraging more to commute together

Commuters who want to leave their cars at home but don’t have access to mass transit have a new resource to help them find rides to work. now offers ridematching, allowing users to find carpools and vanpools near where they live. Since 2006, has served as a regional alternative commute site, providing residents a place to record how they get to work and track how much savings they accrue. <More>

Cotton Belt rail corridor

Creative Funding Approach May Bring Rail to Cotton Belt
A Message from Michael Morris, Transportation Director
In an era of tight budgets, creativity might be the most valuable tool in the effort to expand the reach of passenger rail to new places across North Texas. <More>

A public-private partnership would provide financing from the private sector and shift much of the risk away from the public sector.

"We've got too many cars in the region to say we're through."

Wilemon Sees Education as a Key to Mobility
Regional Transportation Council Member Profile
Kathryn Wilemon, Councilmember, City of Arlington

Dallas-Fort Worth residents are frustrated by slow traffic, but it’s not always easy to know where to turn for answers. Kathryn Wilemon wants to change that. <More>

No city, regardless of its size, will be able to craft a solution alone. The winning approach will involve everyone. The maintenance, new road, rail and other improvements that will enhance residents' quality of life will take cooperation among governments and people across the region.

Social Media Tools - NCTCOGtrans

Department Enhancing Outreach with Social Media Presence
Transportation improvements require coordination among many entities. Regional planners and policymakers work with all levels of government to ensure the right upgrades are made to the appropriate facilities in a timely manner. But long before construction can begin, the public is asked to help shape the conversation.

Through public meetings and other educational activities, North Texans are involved in each step of the process. <More>

Graphic: AirCheckTexas celebrates 40,000 repaired and replaced vehicles

AirCheckTexas Reaches 40,000 Repaired and Replaced Vehicles
A program that aims to contribute to a cleaner North Texas recently celebrated two milestones indicating how broad its reach has become. The AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program has now helped repair 20,000 and replace an additional 20,000 high-polluting vehicles.

First came the repair mark. But not long after celebrating 20,000 repaired vehicles, AirCheckTexas recognized the replacement of its 20,000th high-polluting vehicle. <More>

North Central Texas Council of Governments RTC's Trevino Wins Pitstick Award
North Richland Hills Mayor Oscar Trevino received the William J. Pitstick Regional Excellence Award during the annual North Central Texas Council of Governments General Assembly in June.

A former chair of the Regional Transportation Council, Trevino has been a leader in the continuing development of North Texas’ transportation system. <More>

Progress North Texas ARRA report Department Releases New Publications
The North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Department recently published two documents discussing improvements in transportation and air quality in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Progress North Texas 2010 and Where the Money is Going a report on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 are now available in print and online. <More>

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