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Mobility Matters - Images of a freight truck traveling on a highway, downtown Fort Worth, a TRE locomotive, downtown Dallas skyline and highway traffic; Celebrating 35 Years of Regional Transportation Excellence, 1974 - 2009
Spring 2011 — Quarterly newsletter of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
Mobility Matters is a quarterly newsletter about the transportation planning activities and air quality
programs of the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Regional Transportation
Council — together serving as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth
area since 1974. Contact us at

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Walnut Hill DART station

Green Line Opening Blazes New Trail for Many Commuters
The bright yellow train rolled out of Buckner Station, a structure with a color scheme and architecture hinting at the area’s rich railroad history, zipping its way toward another rail stop at Lake June, itself painting a picture of the area’s past. Lake June’s focal point is the area’s agrarian roots, and with each stop on the progression toward Carrollton, more history is revealed. <More>

Super Bowl XLV Update
Logo: NFL, Graphic: NCTCOG

Super Bowl Transportation Plan Helps Fans Navigate Frozen Region
A Message from Michael Morris, Transportation Director
Winter in North Texas is anything but predictable. It can be sunny and 70 degrees or icy and bone-chillingly cold. <More>

Thanks to the TxDOT-led weather plan, the transportation system remained reliable throughout a week of more than 240 events. The transportation plan consisted of much more than bad-weather contingencies.

"It appears we're on a path to be successful."

Transportation Council Chair Natinsky Embraces Innovation as Path to Transportation Progress
Regional Transportation Council Member Profile
Ron Natinsky, Regional Transportation Council, Chair

In an age of scarce funding at the state and federal levels, North Texas faces many challenges in its effort to build a transportation system that will meet the long-range needs of its residents. But that doesn’t mean problems won’t be addressed. <More>

Logo: 2011 Dallas Bike Plan

On-Street Bicycle Facilities in Dallas' Transportation Future
Bicycling along North Texas’ growing network of trails is a popular way to enjoy spring. Dallas’ Katy Trail is packed with cyclists, walkers and runners throughout the year. And the work is under way to improve bicycle connectivity throughout the city of Dallas and all of the North Texas region. The implementation of the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan will improve accessibility and facility options for bicyclists in Dallas and into surrounding jurisdictions. <More>

Graphic: General Aviation publication and CD

Publications Explain Aviation's Importance to North Texas
The North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Department has developed materials to help the public better understand aviation and its role in the region’s economy.

Two publications and a series of videos will be used to spread the word about all facets of general aviation and the need for an educated workforce that can lead the industry into the next generation. <More>

Logos: Twitter and Facebook

How Would You Improve Transportation?
However you commute – by car, train, bus or bike – you probably have opinions on improving the region’s transportation system.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is developing plans for enhancing how we get around this increasingly crowded metropolitan area. To have a conversation about current issues requires participation from both the agency and the public. The NCTCOG Transportation Department invites you to participate in the conversation through one of the traditional channels of communication or social media. <More>

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