General Land Use Projects

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Dallas Curb Lane Study

Project Description:  This study will look at how Dallas can plan the use of their curb lane and tools to do so.  The curb lane is the area between the travel lane and the curb, where various activities can take place – car/bike/motorcycle parking, loading/unloading, valet, emergency access, etc.; planning the curb lane is especially important for parking availability in downtown areas.


Dallas Garage Planning Study

Project Description:  NCTCOG is interested in the planning, design and funding of parking garages that possess unique benefits aiding in innovative multifunctional outcomes.  These outcomes could include people mover accessibility, significant in-fill development, changes in future land uses, urban design pilot initiatives and critical adjustments to walkable communities.  Pedestrian safety can often be the impetus toward systematic thinking using a parking garage as a central design component.


State Highway 183 Corridor Master Plan, Phase II - Trinity River to IH 30 (2018)

Project Description: This plan builds upon the Phase I corridor master plan for SH 183 in the City of River Oaks, from SH 199 to the Trinity River. Together, the plans will be used as a basis for the future design and reconstruction of the SH 183 corridor from SH 199 to IH 30 in northwest Tarrant County. Both plans use context sensitive design principles to recommend improvements that fit the context of the area along the corridor, improve transportation for people walking, bicycling, and driving, enhance access to the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, and realize the community’s future vision for the corridor.

Final Report


State Highway 183 Corridor Master Plan, Phase I - River Oaks Boulevard (2016)

Project Description: The City of River Oaks participated in a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded sub-regional planning study referred to as the Planning Livable Military Communities (PLMC), which was completed in spring 2014.  This effort consisted of a series of planning studies that identified strategies related to transportation, housing, land use, and economic development to enhance livability in several communities surrounding the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.  Through the PLMC effort, River Oaks Boulevard (SH 183) in the City of River Oaks was identified as a vital regional transportation facility that primarily serves as an access corridor for commercial development and nearby major employers.  Significant opportunities exist to evaluate the addition of multimodal capacity while also promoting economic development along the corridor.  Visionary concepts to balance mobility and accessibility improvements with economic development were developed for the corridor during a week-long PLMC visioning charrette.  The next step following the PLMC study is to develop a corridor master plan for SH 183 in River Oaks.  This corridor master plan is anticipated to be the basis for preliminary design and engineering and will be the first step in a phased approach to making improvements to the corridor.  The corridor master plan aims to address the feasibility of the following strategies: 

  • Develop the built environment to support multimodal transportation options (bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and automobile)
  • Encourage economic development along State Highway 183
  • Support mixed-use development and modern urban design
  • Improve access
  • Incorporate context sensitive design principle 

Final Report


Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan (2016)

Project Description: The purpose of this study has developed a Preston Center and Northwest Highway Area Plan that examined existing conditions and future needs and improvements within the area.  The approach integrated the following: transportation operational improvements, land use intensity and mix, and context sensitive design. NCTCOG partnered with the City of Dallas on this effort with Kimley-Horn as the primary consultant.

Final Report

Meeting Materials and Key Dates:

Contributions to the project can be sent to:
Communities Foundation of Texas
5500 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas TX  75225
ATTN: Carolyn Newman
The check can be made out to Communities Foundation of Texas and the name of the fund in the memo line (Preston Road/Northwest Highway Plan fund at CFT).


State Highway 199 (IH 820 to Belknap St.) Corridor Master Plan (2017)

Project Description:  The SH 199 Corridor was identified as a vital regional transportation facility in Planning for Livable Military Communities, the 2008 Joint Land Use Studywith visionary concepts to balance mobility and accessibility improvements with economic development.
To help make these visions a reality, a corridor master plan study for SH 199 was initiated to produce a planning document that could be used as a basis for future design and construction.   The study was conducted from February 2016 to September 2017.  The corridor master plan used context sensitive solution principles and modern engineering concepts to recommend improvements to increase the livability in the corridor, provide transportation options for different users, and improve drainage.  The corridor master plan includes many elements such as urban design, intersection improvements, water runoff and drainage, economic market analysis, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, public transportation, and roadway widening.


Corridor Master Plan Final Report

Volume I - Summarizes the study efforts and recommendations of the study.
Volume II - Includes the mapping of the social, economic, natural environment, and other physical conditions within the study area.
Volume III - Public and Stakeholder Involvement documents the meetings and coordination efforts associated with the study, along with comments received from the public and stakeholders.
Volume IV - Technical Memorandums includes a compilation of the 18 technical memorandums developed during the SH 199 Master Corridor Plan.