Mobility 2045

The plan for transportation connectivity in North Central Texas.

A core function of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is developing and maintaining a metropolitan transportation plan. NCTCOG coordinates with cities, counties, transportation partners, and the public to plan road, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and other mobility improvements in North Texas.

As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas- Arlington-Fort Worth area, NCTCOG is required to maintain a long-range transportation plan that defines a path for the region’s multimodal transportation system. The plan also guides expenditures of state and federal transportation funds over the next 20-plus years.


Mobility 2045 was adopted as the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas by the Regional Transportation Council on June 14, 2018. Mobility 2045 is the product of a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuous planning effort. Providing a variety of transportation options now and into the future is essential to creating a high quality of life in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth area.

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Traffic Congestion in North Central Texas (Story Map)

Project Recommendations in Mobility 2045
Traffic Congestion in North Central Texas Project Recommendations in Mobility 2045

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Roadway Performance
Project Recommendation Fact Sheet Browser Roadway Performance

Mobility 2045 Document:



1. Introduction                                                                                 

A. Financial Reality

2. Financial Reality

B. Social Considerations

3. Social Considerations

C. Environmental Considerations

4. Environmental Considerations         

D. Operational Efficiency                              

5. Operational Efficiency

E. Mobility Options

6. Mobility Options

F. Transportation Technology

7. Transportation Technology

G. Regional Performance

8. Regional Performance

H. Policy Bundle                                       

9. Conclusion

I. Resolutions and Letter of Conformity

Recommendations Listings, Maps, and Presentation:

Mobility 2045 Roadway Recommendations Listingscolor.png
Mobility 2045 Public Transportation Project Recommendations Listings
Mobility 2045 Non-Regionally Significant Arterials
Mobility 2045 Maps
Travel Time Contour Maps
Mobility 2045 Standard Presentation