Mobility 2045

Mobility 2045 is a blueprint for the region’s transportation system that aims to respond to the regional mobility goals and guide the expenditure of federal and state transportation funds. The plan makes recommendations for all travel modes through the following:

  • policies to guide transportation infrastructure implementation
  • programs to improve mobility
  • projects to increase efficiency, safety and transportation system capacity


Mobility 2045 was adopted as the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas by the Regional Transportation Council on June 14, 2018. Mobility 2045 is the product of a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuous planning effort. Providing a variety of transportation options now and into the future is essential to creating a high quality of life in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth area.

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Interactive Online Tools:

Traffic Congestion in North Central Texas (Story Map)

Project Recommendations in Mobility 2045
This picture is an interactive link that describes the traffic congestion in North Central Texas with and without the roadway recommendations that Mobility 2045 provides. This picture is a link of a map that shows what the mobility 2045 recommendations will look like

Project Recommendation Fact Sheet Browser

Roadway Performance
This picture is a link to a map with the project recommendation fact sheet browser This picture is a link that shows roadway performance with the recommendaions that Mobility 2045 presents

Mobility 2045 Document:



1. Introduction                                                                                 

A. Financial Reality

2. Financial Reality

B. Social Considerations

3. Social Considerations

C. Environmental Considerations

4. Environmental Considerations         

D. Operational Efficiency                              

5. Operational Efficiency

E. Mobility Options

6. Mobility Options

F. Transportation Technology

7. Transportation Technology

G. Regional Performance

8. Regional Performance

H. Policy Bundle                                       

9. Conclusion

I. Resolutions and Letter of Conformity

Recommendations Listings, Maps, and Presentation:

Mobility 2045 Standard Presentation
Mobility 2045 Executive Summary

Mobility 2045 Roadway Recommendations Listingscolor.png
Mobility 2045 Public Transportation Project Recommendations Listings
Mobility 2045 Non-Regionally Significant Arterials
Mobility 2045 Maps
Travel Time Contour Maps