Parking Management

2019 North Texas Parking Management Symposium - Finding the Balance in Parking

August 15, 2019 - 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Hurst Conference Center - 1601 Campus Dr., Hurst TX  76054

The North Texas Parking Management Symposium is an opportunity for North Texas planning and development professionals to learn, discuss, and advance parking management knowledge.  North Texans are highly dependent on their cars for mobility, but with the rising cost of urban land and potential mobility disruptions, the status quo of unmanaged free parking creates major challenges to growth.  The question becomes: how do we plan and manage parking in a way that balances the needs and goals of a community while acknowledging economic forces that drive parking demand and the future of mobility?     

Six CM credits will be offered.

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8:00 AM -    Networking and Check In
8:30 AM -    Welcome and Overview
9:00 AM -    Keynote Presentation:  Joe Minicozzi
                          Joe is a highly sought-after speaker worldwide. His presentations include a deep dive into city economics, downtown development and urban design.  His insights will help us explore  the economic balance of parking in shaping North Texas' cities.
10:05 AM - Morning Expert Panel  (Panelist bios)
                          Moderator: Karla Weaver, AICP - Senior Program Manager,  NCTCOG
                          Maria Irshad, CAPP, MPA - Assistant Director, ParkHouston,  City of Houston
                          Uyen Dang, P.E. - City Traffic Engineer, City of West Palm Beach, FL
                          Peter Elliott - Parking Manager, City of Fort Worth
11:15 AM - Vendor Exhibition Break
11:45 AM - Lunch
12:15 PM - Lunch Expert Panel  (Panelist bios)
                          Moderator:  Jack Wierzenski, AICP - Director of Economic Development, DART
                          Casey Burack - General Counsel & VP of Government Affairs, Downtown Austin Alliance
                          Don Powell, AIA, NCARB - Partner/Owner/Principal-in-Charge, BOKA Powell
                          Joe Minicozzi, AICP - Principal, Urban3
   1:30 PM - Three Afternoon Concurrent Sessions, Round 1
                          Places and Parking - Plans and Strategies for Downtown, Town Centers, and Main Streets
                          Nicole Chinea, WGI
                          Michael Kovacs, City of Fate
                          Casey Wagner, Walker Parking

                          Data Driving Parking Management and Development Decisions
                          David R. Cunningham, Granite Properties
                          L. Dennis Burns, Kimley-Horn
                          William Reynolds, RBT Consultants

                          A Structured Approach to Design Challenges and Demand for Structured Parking
                          Don Powell, BOKA Powell
                          Wes Grant, Ridgemont Commercial Construction
                          Chris Romani, East Texas Precast
   2:40 PM - Three Afternoon Concurrent Sessions, Round 2
                          Municipal Codes and Programs - A Deeper Dive into Shaping Policy
                          Peter Elliott, City of Fort Worth
                          Maria Irshad, ParkHouston
                          Uyen Dang, City of West Palm Beach, FL

                          Parking Technology and Management Tools
                          TBD - Parking management technology and planning vendors

                          Legal Challenges and Issues in Parking
                          Casey Burack, Downtown Austin Alliance
                          Harlene Kennedy, DART
                          Casey Burgess, City of Dallas

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NCTCOG’s Parking Management activities support local parking management plans and policies that create efficient and customer service oriented parking that consumes less land while meeting flexible parking demand.  

Why does North Texas need parking management?

  • Improve transportation system performance through addressing parking’s impact on development​
  • Allow for highest and best use of land in key locations which increases jobs and housing access
  • Prepare for potential impact of automated vehicles which may significantly reduce future parking need

Encouraging active parking management can help North Texas achieve a more efficient transportation system and a more sustainable region.  The links below summarize resources and events focused on parking management:

Local Parking Studies and Resources

Parking Events and Symposiums