North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Department

Rail Station Access:
Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Assessment


Rail Station Access is key to increasing rail ridership.  The completion of the first phase of the regionís light and commuter rail system provides new travel opportunities for area residents.  Yet many barriers prevent access to the regionís rail system.  Local improvements such as sidewalk repair or new developments at stations can help solve regional mobility constraints by providing more transportation alternatives.

Rail transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA).   DART operates the light rail transit (LRT) system recognizable by its electric overhead wires.  DART and FWTA cooperatively operate the Trinity Railway Express (TRE), a commuter train with a traditional locomotive engine.  On an average weekday, the system has:

         43,000 passengers riding light rail
         7,500 passengers riding commuter rail
         78 percent of all transit riders first boarding the system as

Service plans call for expanding services in the region.  Rail will help serve the regionís growing population (8.4 million by 2030) by providing reliable service, reducing automobile congestion, and decreasing air polluting emissions.  The rail solution is part of the clean air transportation strategy that our region is committed to implementing.

Partners from across the region are cooperating to promote usage of the rail system.  Providing safe, convenient access and complementary land uses around these stations is vital to the success of the rail system.   Access comes in a variety of forms, but this study specifically targeted bicycle and pedestrian access to the sixty stations scheduled to be operational by 2008. These stations include 9 operational commuter rail stations located in Dallas and Tarrant Counties as well as 51 light rail stations located in Collin, Dallas, and Denton Counties.  As of February 2003, 34 light rail stations were operational in Dallas and Collin Counties.