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Frisco - Frisco Square

Frisco Square Development

Frisco Square is designed to be a large traditional downtown that creates a sense of place in a city that has grown rapidly in the past two decades. Frisco Square is located just across a railroad track from Frisco’s old Main Street. The development contains a mix of residential, office, retail, and public uses on a 147-acre site connected by the Dallas North Tollway and a future Frisco rail line. The mixed use development contains 282 residential units and over 45,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

        The centerpiece of Frisco Square is the Frisco City Hall opened in 2006 at a cost of $31 million. The Frisco Public
         Library is located in Frisco Square as well.  In addition, the Frisco Heritage Museum is located on the eastern
         boundary of the site.

Frisco Square

In the 2005-2006 Sustainable Development Call for Projects, the City of Frisco was awarded a grant of $1 million with $250,000 local match for additional transportation infrastructure improvements in Frisco Square in 2005 as additional land uses developed. The funded elements include street construction, sidewalks, street lights, and pedestrian amenities.

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