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Hurst Bellaire - City of Hurst

The Bellaire Infrastructure Improvement project’s purpose is to support redevelopment of under-utilized areas near Pipeline Road and Bellaire Drive within the framework of the Bellaire Sustainable Development Plan. The area is in close proximity to the TRE Rail Station near Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., which is located just to the near south of the project area. The area is currently centered on the Bellaire Shopping Center with existing retail, office, and entertainment uses. The Bellaire Sustainable Development Plan includes mixed-use buildings with ground floor commercial/retail and upper floor residential. There will be opportunities for theater/arts, grocery, and restaurants. All new development and street infrastructure will follow the grid system of the Bellaire Sustainable Development Plan. This will result in a neighborhood-scale character with all streets and pedestrian paths focused on Bellaire Park, but also linked directly to the mixed-use area planned to the immediate north. 


This project was funded through the 2009-2010 Sustainable Development Call for Projects. NCTCOG funded $816,720 with an additional $204,180 local match from the City of Hurst for transportation improvements within the development.



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