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Sustainable Development Research Studies

Image of City of Cedar HillThe following research studies were conducted by research teams from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in partnership with NCTCOG:


Sustainable Development Impact Study

The Sustainable Development Impact Study created a methodology and a model to analyze impacts of Sustainable Development Infrastructure projects on surrounding property values and land uses. The study indicated that Sustainable Development Infrastructure projects have a positive effect on average land values, and significant effects on the types of land uses surrounding the infrastructure improvements. The study applied the model on two completed Sustainable Development Infrastructure projects: Austin Ranch in the City of The Colony, and Frisco Square in the City of Frisco as pilot projects. 

Transportation Sustainability Index for Urban Communities

The goal of the Transportation Sustainability Index is to comparatively assess the extent of transportation sustainability in a city, a district, or a development within a city. The index measures and assesses sustainability variables such as pedestrian, bicycle and transit infrastructure, mixed use and transit oriented development (TOD), and sustainable operations. The city, district, or development is then given an overall sustainability score based on the variables to determine the level of sustainability.  The Sustainability Index was used to calculate the sustainability of the Plano Transit Village in the City of Plano, the Bishop Arts District in the City of Dallas, and Sundance Square in the City of Fort Worth, as pilot projects.

Transit-Oriented Development Research Report

The University of Texas at Arlington’s research team prepared a TOD research report.  The report highlights the lessons learned from the review of 21 case studies of TODs nationwide and selected TOD sites in Dallas-Fort Worth region and other Texas metropolitan areas. The focus of the case studies was to understand the development process including various planning, design, and development stages involved in creating TODs, draw lessons, and identify specific examples from small, medium, and large cities.

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