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Safe Routes to School

According to national travel surveys, the percentage of children walking and bicycling to school had decreased from 48 percent in 1969 to 13 percent by 2009. In addition to impacting congestion and safety around schools, studies show that mode of travel to school is a major factor in the unprecedented rise in the national childhood obesity rate.

Safe Routes to School is a nationwide initiative established in 2005, focused on encouraging and enabling more children to safely walk and bicycle to school, thereby improving student health and traffic congestion around schools.


Ready to start a Safe Routes to School Program? Check out our brochure here.

Safe Routes to School Brochure
Safe Routes to School Spanish brochure

Safe Routes to School in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region

Funding: Transportation Alternatives Program

NCTCOG periodically funds Safe Routes to School infrastructure projects, such as sidewalks and cross-walks, through Transportation Alternatives calls for projects. Under the most recent call for projects in
2017, $12.2 million was awarded to 22 Safe Routes

to School Projects. These projects will provide better access to more than 30 elementary and middle schools across the region. Click here for more information on past and future calls for projects.

Planning and Technical Assistance

NCTCOG has a history of helping local communities plan for SRTS. Below are just a few of the examples.


Education: Look Out Texans  Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign

As part of the regional bicycle and pedestrian safety campaign—Look Out Texans—curriculum was developed to educate elementary and middle school-aged students about walking and bicycling safety.

  The “School Kits” were created with input from
   North Texas educators, and were designed to
   support the Texas Essential Knowledge and
   Skills (TEKS) standards for physical and health


Parent Tips for Modeling Safe Walking, Bicycling and Driving Behaviors:


Look Out Texans Safety Tips
School Zone Safety Tips


For additional resources related to Safe Routes to School and walking and bicycling to school, click here.

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