North Texas Interoperable Radio Network

The City of Fort Worth’s Wireless Communications Division supports a public safety radio system that provides communications for first responders across much of North Central Texas.

Through partnerships with cities and counties in North Texas, more than 40,000 devices in more than 190 local, state, federal and private entities in eight counties access the system for either primary communications or mutual aid operations.  

The system is the anchor of a comprehensive interoperability communications plan utilized daily by law enforcement and fire departments across the region. The system’s interop capabilities provide agencies the ability to communicate with one another whenever they perform joint operations whether planned or not.

The management of radio IDs for the NCTCOG region is provided by the City of Fort Worth.  The purpose of the program is to ensure compliance with requirements established by the Office of the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator for the Texas Department of Public Safety.  The award of state-administered grants for radio communications is contingent on an agency’s compliance with the State’s Radio ID Plan.  Agencies needing assignment of radio IDs for new or existing P25 systems may contact Fort Worth Radio Services at (817) 392-7871.  Or you may enter your request online at Radio ID Assignment Requests.

Interoperability Roll Call Logs 

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