The Transportation Department at NCTCOG serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the 12-county Dallas-Fort Worth region. The MPO works closely with regional, state and federal partners to plan and recommend transportation projects that will improve mobility and encourage more efficient land use, all while minimizing the impact on the region's air quality. The MPO has several core functions it must perform: the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Transportation Conformity, Transportation Improvement Program, Unified Planning Work Program, Congestion Management Process, Public Participation Plan, the 10-year Plan, and Federal Performance Measures

The Regional Transportation Council, made up of local elected officials, serves as the policymaking body for the region. The policymaking body consists primarily of local elected officials and representatives of North Texas transportation providers.

Regional Planning & Projects

Our regional planning efforts guide the metropolitan planning process.

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Congestion Management

Regional initiatives to address current and future traffic congestion pressures.

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Maps, Models & Data

Management of regional data used for priorities and displayed for ease of use.

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Quality of Life

Regional efforts to improve transportation impacts on environmental resources.

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Funding & Business

Organizational priorities for funding and coordination of transportation projects.

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Plans, Studies, Reports

View the results of our regional planning efforts through outreach and involvement.

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Get Involved

NCTCOG invites and encourages all North Texans to share ideas and opinions.

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About Transportation

Metropolitain Planning Organization work with partners to recommend projects.

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