Regional Cooperation Award

In 1996, the North Central Texas Council of Governments established the Regional Cooperation Award to be presented each year at NCTCOG's Annual General Assembly.  The award recognizes local governments that have demonstrated a commitment to the concept of regionalism through their cooperative programs and projects.  Any local governments in the 16-county North Central Texas region are eligible for the award.

Local government staff members, local elected officials, chamber of commerce officials, or interested citizens may nominate a local government to receive this award by completing the following form or submitting the downloadable form via email. Applicants will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Promotion of coordination and cooperation among jurisdictions to solve regional problems
  • Recognition that jurisdictional boundaries are not barriers to the solution of such problems
  • Demonstration that joint programs and projects provide better use of resources and equally high or higher quality service to their citizens

Download a copy of the Regional Cooperation Award Guidelines

Deadline for nominations is May 17.

Online Nomination Form:

Nominate up to four jurisdictions.
Describe how these jurisdictions worked across jurisdictional boundaries to deliver a service to their citizens at an equal or lower cost (provide approximate dollar savings), and with an equal or better service outcome.