Changing Mobility

Data, Insights, and Delivering Innovative Projects During COVID Recovery

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting the region's transportation system and the economic activity that supports its maintenance and expansion. NCTCOG's Transportation Department is actively monitoring these impacts, assessing potential implications for transportation planning, and prioritizing projects as needed to support the region.  This initiative has been divided into a series of four policy metrics. Click below to view interactive dashboards displaying a series of regularly-updated performance measures related to each metric.

Metric 1: Travel Behavior Response to COVID-19 Metric 2: Financial Implications to Traditional Revenue Sources
COVID_Dashboard_Metric1_110420.png COVID_Dashboard_Metric2_110420.png
Metric 3: Benefits of Traveler Behavior Responses Metric 4: Prioritization of Infrastructure Improvements That Offset Unemployment Increases
COVID_Dashboard_Metric3_110420.png COVID_Dashboard_Metric4_110520.png

Presentation to the May Regional Transportation Council