Colleyville - Pleasant Run Pathway Connection

2009 - 2010 Call for Projects    

Status: Complete  

The Pleasant Run Pathway Connection project is a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly pathway connecting the Cottonbelt Trail to the Village at Colleyville. The project improves pedestrian linkage from schools, parks and surrounding residential area to The Village at Colleyville. 

By adding nearly 0.6 miles of pedestrian pathway/amenities to Pleasant Run Road, local residents and visitors will have better multimodal access to Colleyville City Park, Colleyville Plaza, three different grocery stores, and Town Center at Colleyville.  Various local and chain businesses and restaurants are also within close proximity to the residential areas located along this project. 

The project cost of $262,200 was funded through public-private partnerships.

Mixed-Use Information

  • 161,820 sq. ft. of office/retail 
  • 59 townhome residential units        
  • 5,867 sq. ft. of restaurant space                                                  
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