SmartWay® is a voluntary, public-private program by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps the freight industry reduce fleet emissions, improve fuel economy, and increase energy efficiency. The SmartWay program includes four major elements: SmartWay Transport Partnership, SmartWay Technology Program, SmartWay Vehicles, and SmartWay International Interests.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) joined the SmartWay Transport Program as an Affiliate in October 2006. In this role, NCTCOG promotes SmartWay initiatives within the region by providing educational outreach to potential partners and affected industries.

NCTCOG encourages local freight fleets to join the program and improve environmental performance while enjoying the many benefits partners and companies receive.

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During the week of September 8-14, the trucking industry will come together to honor professional drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. SmartWay Carrier Partners demonstrate economic and environmental leadership by moving goods in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. They could not do so without the commitment of their drivers.

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SMARTE- Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions Program

NCTCOG received funding from EPA to conduct comprehensive outreach, education, and financial assistance to the trucking industry regarding programs, technologies, and operational practices which reduce emissions and increase efficiency of freight operations.  A major focus of this effort will be promotion of EPA-verified SmartWay technologies

SMARTE Home: Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions (SMARTE) Program

SmartWay for Shippers: You’re in Good Company


Learn how retailers, manufacturers and other Fortune 500 companies, participate in EPA’s SmartWay program as a way to assess and strengthen the sustainability of goods movement in their supply chains. For more information about participating in EPA’s SmartWay program, go to or

SmartWay Upgrade Kit Demonstration Project

The NCTCOG conducted an in-use demonstration project to evaluate the impact of SmartWay technologies in increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions among Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. 

Overall, the results of the demonstration project support the finding that the use of SmartWay technologies, particularly when used as a kit, is an effective tool for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions among Class 8 heavy-duty trucks.

Final Report: Study and Analysis of Fuel Consumption and Emissions Reductions for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks

EPA SmartWay Recognition 

NCTCOG Receives Recognition as a SmartWay Affiliate for 2019 Earth Day! 

NCTCOG has been an affiliate in the EPA SmartWay Transport Program since 2006.  NCTCOG promotes and distributes EPA SmartWay information and resources through, monthly email newsletters, and outreach events throughout the year.  NCTCOG is dedicated to the promoting SmartWay initiatives within the region and encouraging local freight fleets to join the SmartWay program and improve environmental performance. 

Beginning August 2017, EPA SmartWay decided to change their approach on outreach and asked affiliates to share SmartWay articles and resources to our regional groups and stakeholders through newsletters, websites, and social media related to a monthly theme.  After the annual Earth Day event in April 2019, NCTCOG was recognized by EPA SmartWay for continuing our support for the program by sharing information about efficient freight transportation with our participating groups and stakeholders.

NCTCOG Receives 2017 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Award!

NCTCOG is one of nine organizations nationwide to be named an EPA 2017 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Award Honoree. The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge is a national challenge developed by EPA to acknowledge organizations that participate in SmartWay and do an exceptional job supporting the partnership’s freight sustainability goals. NCTCOG has received this award seven times, and has consecutively been honored since 2012

“EPA commends the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees for their extraordinary level of commitment and enthusiasm in supporting more efficient and sustainable business practices in moving goods,” said Christopher Grundler, Director of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. “These organizations represent diverse industry sectors and stakeholders who are showing that American prosperity and protecting the environment can go hand in hand.”

You can read our Press Release in the About Transportation page.

Staff Contacts: Huong Duong, Jason Brown