Microsoft Teams

Conference Call Instructions

There are numerous ways to connect to a Microsoft Teams call and, in this document, we are going to outline the three most common ways:
To connect to a Microsoft Teams conference, you will need the conference information from the host. Please make sure the host has your email address so that they can include you on the meeting invitation or email you the conference information. 

Audio Only Dial-In

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Existing Teams Users

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Non Teams Users

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Best Practices for Conference Calls

  • Make Sure You Have a Stable Connection: Whether dialing in or connecting via the computer, please make sure you have a stable connection or sound and video quality may be diminished. 
  • Mute Yourself When Not Participating: Background noise can be a big distraction in Microsoft Teams conferences, so it is encouraged that you mute your phone or device while not on a call. 
  • Get Comfortable: Try to find a place and position that is comfortable for the duration of the call. For audio it is best to use a headset or speaker phone so that you do not have to hold the phone. 
  • Announce Yourself Before Speaking: Not everyone on the call may know your voice, so it is a good idea to announce who you are before starting to speak for the first time.
  • Pause Before Speaking: It a conference call you do not have the visual cues of when someone wants to speak, therefore it is common to end up talking over each other. Pausing before speaking can help with that. 

Getting Assistance

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