Fundamentals of Public Purchasing

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 8-9, 2024, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

TDI Instructor-Led Training - 16 hours

This workshop covers a basic overview of the entire public procurement process (the Procurement Cycle), including founding principles, best practices, solicitation methods, and more. The training includes lectures, discussions, and group exercises.


  • Explain the major elements of the Purchasing Cycle
  • Locate and use NIGP commodity codes
  • Understand the differences between using an IFB, RFP, RFQ, and RFI
  • Identify the five elements in an informal solicitation
  • Locate and use cooperative contracts
  • Find bidders using various source selection methods
  • Justify using proprietary or emergency purchases
  • Evaluate bid responses and complete a bid tabulation
  • Make award decisions based on evaluation factors
  • List the elements of a “3-way match” for payment
  • Know the ten pieces of documentation to include in the procurement file


  • Discussion of ethics and standards of conduct
  • Organization of the procurement function
  • Procurement authority
  • Public Information Act
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • The purchasing cycle
  • Purchasing methods
  • Source selection and solicitation
  • Receipt and tabulation
  • Evaluation and award
  • Receipt of goods and services
  • Payment
  • Property disposal
  • Proprietary/sole source purchases
  • Emergency purchases
  • Small/minority business programs
  • Procurement cards



Special Instructions

Lunch provided both days


NCTCOG Arlington Offices 
Centerpoint Two
616 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX 76011

Target Audience

  • Purchasers new to the government procurement process who need an overview of the fundamental functions of government procurement.
  • Auditors or Finance Directors who either audit or supervise the procurement function.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the purchasing process and how it impacts their operations.


Contracts & Purchasing Academy