Public Comments at RTC Meetings

Recent State legislation (House Bill 2840, 86th Texas Legislature) took effect on September 1, 2019. This bill states that members of the public must be allowed to make comments to a governmental body before or during the body's consideration of an item. If no simultaneous translation equipment is used, a member of the public using a translator must be given double the amount of time to comment. A governmental body may adopt reasonable rules regarding public comments, including rules that limit the amount of time for each public comment. The body may not prohibit public criticism of the body.

Opportunities for the public to speak on RTC agenda items began September 12, 2019. A single public comment period now occurs at each RTC meeting following the pledges and before any action is taken on agenda items. NCTCOG staff created a Speaker Request Card, which must be completed by each speaker prior to the start of the meeting.  Speakers must provide their name, city of residence, zip code, the agenda item(s) on which they plan to speak (or provide written comments on) and whether or not they are speaking on, for or against the item(s). All comments that are received are documented in the RTC minutes and Public Comments Report.

For special accommodations due to a disability or for language translation, call 817-608-2365 or email

Speaker Request CardSolicitar Tarjeta para la Participación Comunitaria

Draft Rules 
The draft rules are currently posted here for public review and comment until February 26, 2020.