On-Line Analysis and Mining


Advanced data analysis and mining features to support discovery of information, patterns, and correlations in large ITS archives.

Included In

Fort Worth Transportation Authority Information Management

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement
1 The center shall support the interface with Archive Data User Systems for requests for analysis of the archive data.
2 The center shall provide the capability to perform activities such as data mining, data fusion, summarizations, aggregations, and recreation from archive data. This may include multidimensional analysis, selective summarization and expansion of data details, and many other advanced analysis services.
3 The center shall receive the user’s systems requests and develop the request to retrieve the data from the archive.
4 The center shall respond to users systems requests for a catalog of the archived data analysis products available.
5 For archive analysis and data mining products requiring financial payment the center shall process the financial requests and manage an interface to a Financial Institution.