Roadway Automated Vehicle Operations


Automated Highway Systems (AHS) in the field that verify vehicle eligibility for AHS lane use, and control AHS check-in/out and lane-changing.

Included In

TxDOT District Roadway Devices

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement
1 The field element shall check the vehicle's condition to see if it is suitable for operating on automated lanes based on vehicle control parameters (speed, headway, etc.) used by vehicles in those lanes, and once confirmed, shall send control parameters to the vehicle.
2 The field element shall provide to the vehicle automated lane changing data based on a lane changing strategy and detailed lane changing parameters (e.g. exactly where, and at what speed the lane change will take place), under center control.
3 The field element shall manage the checking in and checking out of suitably equipped vehicles requesting use of automated lanes, and send a record of all requests to the responsible center.