Roadway Field Device Monitoring


Monitors field equipment operational status and detects and reports fault conditions. Device status, configuration, and fault information are provided to a remote center and a user interface provides information locally to field personnel.

Included In

TxDOT District Roadway Devices

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement
1 The field element shall monitor the operational status (state of the device, configuration, and fault data) of connected sensors (such as traffic, infrastructure, environmental, security, speed) and devices (such as highway advisory radio, dynamic message signs, automated roadway treatment systems, barrier and safeguard systems, cameras, traffic signals, ramp meters, short range communications equipment, security surveillance equipment).
2 The field element shall send operational status of connected field equipment to the maintenance center.
3 The field element shall send collected fault data to the maintenance center for repair.
4 The field element shall include a local interface that provides operational status and fault data for connected field equipment to field personnel.
5 The field element shall include a local interface that allows field personnel to command diagnostic tests on connected field equipment.