TMC Signal Control


Remotely controls traffic signal controllers to implement traffic management strategies at signalized intersections based on traffic conditions, incidents, emergency vehicle preemptions, pedestrian crossings, etc.

Included In

DART Transit Management Center
Local Traffic Management Center
North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
TxDOT District Traffic Management Center
Passenger Airport Traffic Management Center

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement
1 The center shall remotely control traffic signal controllers.
2 The center shall accept notifications of pedestrian calls.
3 The center shall collect traffic signal controller operational status and compare against the control information sent by the center.
4 The center shall collect traffic signal controller fault data from the field.
5 The center shall manage (define, store and modify) control plans to coordinate signalized intersections, to be engaged at the direction of center personnel or according to a daily schedule.
6 The center shall implement control plans to coordinate signalized intersections based on data from sensors.
7 The center shall manage boundaries of the control sections used within the signal system.
8 The center shall maintain traffic signal coordination including synchronizing clocks throughout the system.