Interface: TxDOT District Traffic Management Center - TxDOT Traffic Drone Device

Architecture Flow Definitions

traffic probe control  (Medium-term)  

Control data sent from a management center to a probe vehicle.

traffic probe data  (Medium-term)  

Vehicle data that is used to determine traffic conditions. In a basic implementation, the data could be limited to time stamped unique identifiers that can be used to measure a vehicle’s progress through the network. In more advanced implementations, the vehicle may report current position, speed, and heading and snapshots of recent events including route information, starts and stops, speed changes, and other information that can be used to estimate traffic conditions.

traffic probe reporting management  (Medium-term)  

Data used to manage probe data reporting by vehicles. This flow indicates to the vehicle when to report probe data, the type of probe data to send, and thresholds for nominal conditions when sending data can be skipped.