Passenger Airport Parking Management - Parking Management Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Parking Management Subsystem (PMS) provides electronic monitoring and management of parking facilities. It supports a Field-Vehicle Communications link to the Vehicle Subsystem that allows electronic collection of parking fees and monitors and controls parking meters that support conventional parking fee collection. It also includes the instrumentation, signs, and other infrastructure that monitors parking lot usage and provides local information about parking availability and other general parking information. This portion of the subsystem functionality must be located in the parking facility where it can monitor, classify, and share information with customers and their vehicles. The subsystem also interfaces with the financial infrastructure and broadly disseminates parking information to other operational centers in the region. Note that the latter functionality may be located in a back office, remote from the parking facility.

Functional Area: Parking Coordination

Coordination between parking facilities and between parking facilities and traffic, transit, and traveler information systems. Includes sharing of hours of operation, charging strategies, lot sizes, current parking availability, and parking reservations.

Functional Area: Parking Data Collection

Collection and storage of parking management information. For use by operations personnel or data archives in the region.

ID Requirement Status
1 The parking element shall collect parking management data including lot usage and charging information. Medium-term
2 The parking element shall assign quality control metrics and meta-data to be stored along with the data. Meta-data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data. Medium-term
3 The parking element shall receive and respond to requests from ITS Archives for either a catalog of the parking management data or for the data itself. Medium-term
4 The parking element shall be able to produce sample products of the data available. Medium-term