Aviation Education Outreach

The North Texas Aviation Education Initiative was initiated by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) from a widely recognized need for additional aviation workforce regionally and nationally.  Despite its preeminence in the aviation industry, and the demonstrated need to train additional aviation professionals, the region lacks a public university with an integrated comprehensive four-year college program for students who would like to pursue an aviation career. 

The Aviation Careers Website, www.nctaviationcareers.com,  showcases Aviation and Aerospace in North Central Texas and helps connect students with aviation programs and schools.  To find aviation and aerospace programs at colleges and universities in North Texas, please visit the Program Search page.

Aviation Education Initiative Executive Summary

Comprehensive Study to create and sustain an aviation and education system that fosters individual aviation careers as well as regional aviation viability and growth.


National and Regional Gap Analyses  


 National and Regional Industry Needs and Supply


Regional Aviation Curriculum

Public Outreach Plan


Please see NCTCOG/Quadrex Aviation's white paper, The Need for Coordinated Aviation Curriculum Study in North Central Texas, documenting the need for this initiative. This was first documented by a Texas Transportation Institute Report, published in August 2003, and later by NCTCOG’s New Technology and Industry Trends Report (2007).  The goal of this study is to coordinate with regional industry and academic partners to form a complete and thorough aviation academic program in the region.  The study will address the needs at the university, community college, trade school, high school, and junior high levels.

Aviation Resource Links

Aviation Weather  l  Federal Aviation Administration l  Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division

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