Planning Studies

NCTCOG supports planning for transit-oriented development (TOD) through both station specific and larger regional plans. This includes ongoing projects and past work such as TOD Implementation Group planning assistance and the Regional Transportation Council fund for planning studies through the Sustainable Development Call for Projects.

Current Projects   

Silver Line Corridor TOD Planning Study

This planning study funded by a 2021 Federal Transit Administration TOD Pilot grant will address bicycle and pedestrian needs, private development parking policy, and land use issues to increase TOD and ridership on DART's Silver Line.

Recent Projects

DART Red Line and Blue Line TOD Study

Corridor-level TOD recommendations based on a Federal Transit Administration $1.4 million planning grant awarded to NCTCOG to help the region enhance accessibility and development around 28 Dallas Area Rapid Transit stations along the system’s Blue and Red lines. 

TOD Guidelines (Best Practices) for Collin County

These TOD best practice guidelines were developed as part of the Collin County Transit Study in 2021. The guidelines build on earlier TOD plans, studies, and projects in the region to offer greater understanding of TOD benefits, collaborative planning, and guidance for future projects in North Texas.

Past TOD Projects

City Project Report  [PDF] Year
Burleson Burleson TOD Master Plan 2012
Cedar Hill City Center Development Plan 2014
Dallas LBJ Skillman Urban Planning Initiative 2014
Fort Worth Berry/University Development Plan 2016
Garland Forest-Jupiter Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Plan 2013
Richland Hills Transit-Oriented Development Plan 2009

Additional projects: Sustainable Development Call for Projects (SDCFP) Planning Studies

TOD Implementation Group Projects

The TOD Implementation Group was a program that resulted from a request for planning assistance in the 2006 SDCFP. Projects in this group were eligible for a variety of planning assistance activities intended to support a regional effort to analyze, market, and implement TOD.

Polytechnic/Wesleyan Urban Village Planning Assistance Report, 2008 
Deep Ellum TOD Project, 2007: Preliminary Conclusions, Stakeholder Survey Summary 
City of Grand Prairie TOD Planning Report, 2012 
North Richland Hills Transportation Network Overview, 2013 
Dallas Lancaster Corridor TOD Report, 2012 

Staff: Travis Liska