Interactive Public Input

This is an image linking to NCTCOG's interactive mapping tool, "Map your experience".


Launch Map Your Experience

NCTCOG’s Transportation Department is now accepting public input through a new, online map tool. Map Your Experience is easy to use and designed to help NCTCOG staff use public input to collaborate with partners and develop innovative solutions for transportation issues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Map Your Experience is now available in Spanish, too!

Why map your transportation experience?

Map Your Experience gathers continuous input on transportation from members of the public just like you, who are experts in their own daily travel experiences throughout the region.

Comments from the tool will be used to guide upcoming planning efforts, including an update to Mobility 2045, the region’s long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Help us plan for the future by letting us know how the region’s transportation system could better serve you!


Watch the demo


You are the expert of your daily travel experiences. Tell us how the region’s transportation methods could better serve you by mapping them in our new application.

Click “submit a comment,” zoom in on the map and enter your comment details.

Providing personal information is optional and will not show up on the map. However, sharing your zip code will help us better serve your community as well as communities across the entire region.

You can provide as many comments as you want and even browse pins placed by others on the map. Feel free to like and comment on them too.

Be heard. Help us plan for the future and map your experience.


Go to Map Your Experience

Click or tap to open the application in ArcGIS Online. No log in is required.

Interative map of counties within DFW with comment option on transportation issues

View the comments dashboard

Ready to see what people are saying? Comments submitted by members of the public are now available in an online dashboard! Browse the widgets housing visual summaries of comments entered into the Map Your Experience tool for all modes: bicycle/pedestrian, transit, and roadway. Optional identifying information such as names are omitted for privacy.

This dashboard offers the ability to view comments on the map and filter by various topics, such as comment category and zip code. It also offers a selection of overlay map layers like the Environmental Justice Index, Mobility Plan recommendations, Census Bureau Zip Code Tabulation Areas, and more. The Map Your Experience dashboard is updated monthly.

Comprehensive dashboard with bar graphs of comments placed on the Map your experience program.