Automated Transportation Systems

North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is developing standards and guidelines for Automated Transportation System (ATS) in our region. These standards will help our region build economies of scale for the deployment of next-generation systems for moving people and cargo.

What is an ATS?

Explore our fact sheet to discover the foundational ideas of ATS technology.

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NCTCOG ATS Development Study

Review NCTCOG implementation guidelines for ATS in our region.

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ATS Pilot Projects

NCTCOG has identified two pilot projects as suitable candidates for ATS.

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Site Selection

NCTCOG determines the feasibility of ATS based on several factors. For the movement of passengers, we may consider existing and planned land uses, population counts, parking strategy, and connectivity, to the broader transportation network.


Next-generation ATS vehicles are more flexible and reliable. They run on rubber tires instead of fixed tracks and can operate on any flat surface utilizing self-driving vehicle technology. These technologies are a solution to frequent movement needs in dense, urbanized environments, transporting both people and cargo.

The NCTCOG ATS Development Study includes an inventory of ATS vehicles of various types with details on capacities and capabilities.

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