Work Zone Data Exchange

USDOT's Work Zone Data Exchange is standardizing the reporting of work zone data by public agencies, contractors, and smart devices placed in work zones to improve operations and safety for both human-driven and automated vehicles. Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is one of the State DOT WZDx leaders. NCTCOG has completed a TXSHARE cooperative procurement of WZDx services and entered into contracts with five vendors:  Roadway Workzone Data Reporting Services ( The procurement was done in compliance with federal procurement requirements; thus, public agencies throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and the U.S. can utilize these contracts without having to do their own procurement from scratch. 

NCTCOG's Transportation Department hosted a WZDx Roundtable on Friday, April 28, virtually and in person at NCTCOG offices in the Transportation Council Room. Over 100 people attended the roundtable, which provided background on the WZDx initiative, allowed the five contracted vendors to introduce themselves and their solutions, briefed local partners on NCTCOG support, and gave attendees a chance to ask questions of the vendors. A USDOT representative framed the discussion by outlining USDOT's WZDx goals and strategies. You can view the presentation below along with (1) a recent report commissioned by the City of Plano on technology for identifying and monitoring work zones and other roadway conditions, and (2) video showing integration of work zone warnings into the driving task. 

Work Zone Data Exchange Presentation

Plano-Blyncsy Case Study  [pdf]

Integration of Work Zone Warnings in the Driving Task
(Video below)