2022 Transportation Conformity Document

This is an image collage of transportation efforts for the Transportation 2018 conformity document

Chapter 1:   Executive Summary
Chapter 2:   Air Quality
Chapter 3:   Conformity
Chapter 4:   Mobility 2045, 2023-2026 TIP
Chapter 5:   Estimation of Vehicle Activity
Chapter 6:   Estimation of Off-Network Activity
Chapter 7:   Emission Factors/MOVES Model
Chapter 8:   Mobile Source Emission Reduction Strategies (MOSERS)
Chapter 9:   Determination of Regional Transportation Emissions
Chapter 10: Interagency Consultation
Chapter 11: Public Participation
Chapter 12: List of Appendices


2022 Transportation Conformity Appendices

12.1    Endorsements and/or Resolutions
12.2    Memorandum of Agreements
12.3    Applicable Federal Register Excerpts and Other Documents [ZIP]
12.4    Mobility 2045
12.5    2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program
12.6    Applicable SIP Excerpts
12.7    Travel Model Validation and TAFT
12.8    Roadway System (Capacity Staging) and Network Link Listing
12.9    Vehicle Miles of Travel [ZIP]
12.10  Average Loaded Speeds [ZIP]
12.11  Center-Line Miles and Lane Miles 
12.12  Interagency Consultation Process [ZIP]
12.13  MOVES and TTI Information and Fact Sheets
12.14  MOVES Input and Output Files [Large ZIP]
12.15  MOVES Input Parameters [ZIP]
12.16  MOVES Emission Factors [Large ZIP]
12.17  Transportation Control Measures in SIP
12.18  MoSERS Methodology/Calculation Descriptions
12.19  MoSERS Project Listing
12.20  Public Involvement Process 
12.21  MOVES External Reference Files [ZIP]
12.22  Definition of Regionally Significant Roadway System
12.23  Tab Delimited Files [ZIP]
12.24  Roadway Networks  [ZIP]
12.25  Emissions [ZIP]
12.26  Supplement Files

Partner Agency Letters and Resolutions