Technology and Tools

Vendor Directory

SMARTE has developed a list of vendors that have signed up to participate in the SMARTE Program. This means they support program goals and sell EPA SmartWay verified technologies. Inclusion in this listing does not imply endorsement by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. 

Clean Fleet Policy

The Clean Fleet Policy is one strategy to reduce emissions from local fleet operations by providing a framework for efficient and low-emitting fleet operations.  This helps the region work toward attainment of the federal ozone standard and improve overall air quality.

Driver Training

The Environmental Protection Agency collaborated with Natural Resources Canada to develop a driver training e-learning curriculum that teaches drivers fuel-efficient driving techniques that save money and reduce emissions.

Alternative Fuel Station Locator

Use the Alternative Fuel Station Locator to plan your route and ensure you'll have enough to fuel to get you to your destination.  This tool was developed by the US Department of Energy and provides fuel types available, contact information, operating hours, and more.

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