Statewide Safety Initiatives

** The TxDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Call for Projects (CFP) format is being restructured.  There will not be a TxDOT HSIP CFP for 2019.

2018 Highway Safety Improvement Program Call for Projects (TxDOT)
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) opened the 2018 Highway Safety Improvements Program (HSIP) Call for Projects on June 4, 2018 with a submittal deadline of August 15, 2018.  The TxDOT HSIP is designed for highway safety projects that eliminate or reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes.  It is limited to improvements that address the crash types identified in the Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). Funds are provided for construction and operational improvements both on and off the state highway system.  Funding is available statewide for this program and focuses primarily on improving safety and reducing severe crashes. Local governments are encouraged to work closely with their area or district offices to submit applications by the submittal deadline. 

The 2018 Highway Safety Improvement Program Call for Projects opened June 4, 2018, and closed August 15, 2018.

2018 HSIP Approved Projects
TxDOT Dallas received approval on 46 projects for a total of $16,536,377.
TxDOT Fort Worth received approval on 21 projects for a total of $15,656,856.

Eligible categories for 2018 HSIP Call for Projects:

  • Barriers and Safety Treat Fixed Object - Add or upgrade barrier or metal beam guard fence to safety treat a fixed object or drainage structures.
  • Curves – Construct improvements on horizontal curves to prevent run-off the road and head-on crashes.
  • Grade Separation – Construct a vertical separation of a highway intersection (conventional diamond interchange).
  • HSIP (Misc. Safety) – Any safety improvement that addresses an emphasis area in the SHSP but is not categorized in one of the other seven categories.
  • Intersection – Improvements to an intersection, such as signals, signage, lighting, and pedestrian improvements, other than a grade separation.
  • Off-System – Any safety improvement to a road off the State highway system, which addresses an emphasis area in the SHSP. Intersections of off-system roads with on-system highways are not considered off-system projects. The local government is responsible for 10 percent of the funding.
  • Rumble Strips - Add edgeline or centerline rumble strips to a highway to prevent run-off the road and head-on crashes.
  • Widen – Increase paved surface width of rural highways with current pavement width less than 24 feet and ADT greater than or equal to 400 vehicles per day to provide from 26 feet to 28 feet of paved surface width.

Please see the following documents related to the 2018 HSIP Call for Projects:

2018 HSIP Call Overview Available upon request
2018 HSIP Submission Form 
2018 Instructions for Submission Form 
2018 Instructions for Off-System Project Submission 
2018 Instructions for On-System Project Submission
2018 Work Code Combinations in Microstrategy
Average Bid Prices as of 4/20/18

Additional resources:

TxDOT HSIP information can be accessed on the Highway Safety Engineering Forms and Publications web page.

2017 HSIP Approved Projects

The TxDOT Dallas District and the TxDOT Fort Worth District 2017 HSIP Call for Projects closed on May 24, 2017. More information coming soon.