A variety of transportation options are available to meet the diverse travel demands of the North Central Texas region. These modes work together to move goods, improve mobility, and provide access to, from, and throughout the area. 

The goals of roadway project include:

  1. Improve the availability of transportation options for people and goods.
  2. Support travel efficiency measures and system enhancements targeted at congestion reduction and management.
  3. Ensure all communities are provided access to the regional transportation system and planning process.
  4. Encourage livable communities which support sustainability and economic vitality.
  5. Ensure adequate maintenance and enhance the safety and reliability of the existing transportation system.
  6. Pursue long-term sustainable revenue sources to address regional transportation system needs.
  7. Provide for timely project planning and implementation.
  8. Develop cost-effective projects and programs aimed at reducing the costs associated with constructing, operating, and maintaining the regional transportation system.


A highway and exit ramp around businesses

Asset Optimization


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Bicycler in bicycle Lane next to road and sidewalk

Complete Streets/Context Sensitive Solutions


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A view of congested traffic at night

Congestion Management Process


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Sunrise above a divided highway

Thoroughfare Planning and Sub-Area Studies


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Road construction

Roadway Corridor Projects


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