76104 Transit Needs

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Estudio de las necesidades de transporte de 76104: Encuesta en español.

Project Overview

The 76104 Transit Needs study will conduct a transit needs assessment to identify innovative transit solutions to increase mobility and access for residents to food, healthcare, housing, and jobs in a part of Fort Worth identified as an area of persistent poverty. The planning study will also identify strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transit.

This project is made possible through the Areas of Persistent Poverty 2021 Program, awarded to the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The Areas of Persistent Poverty Grant Program is awarded for planning, engineering, and technical studies or financial plans to improve transit in census-defined low-income areas. FTA awarded over $16 million in FY20 and FY21 funding to the Areas of Persistent Poverty program for 40 different projects. For more information on this grant program or to view other selected projects, please visit the FTA website

Project Details
Project Schedule

AoPP Project Schedule 02/24

Project Meetings & Documents
Meetings Dates Attachments
Stakeholder Committee       January 29, 2024      Committee Meeting
Public Engagement March 25, 2024 English Presentation
Spanish Presentation

For more information on the 76104 Transit Needs Study, contact Julie Anderson or Zoë Aguilar.

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