Collin County Transit Study

Collin County Study Area Map

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The study aims to develop a comprehensive public transportation plan that can be strategically implemented and is complementary to other planning efforts.  The study will identify transit options, funding and implementation strategies, governance structure and institutional delivery approach of recommended services or projects, and potential impacts on the community.  A Transit Vision, along with specific goals and objectives will be developed that guide the transit planning process, recommendations, and implementation.

Detailed analysis of the Irving to Celina Passenger Rail Corridor will also be included in this study.  Land use around potential station areas, ridership estimates, and efficient access to and from each station by various modes will be evaluated to produce detailed recommendations for this corridor. 

The overall Collin County Transit Study and the incorporated Irving to Celina Passenger Rail Corridor will each be directed by their own Project Advisory Committees, formed by local stakeholders.

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Stakeholder Meetings

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May 31, 2019

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Project Contact

Brendon Wheeler