Energy Efficiency / Clean Energy

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are emerging topics of interest that can positively impact the North Central Texas Region.  With proper implementation, they can help to improve air quality in the region by decreasing the amount of power generation needed and reducing emissions that contribute to air pollution and the region’s ozone non-attainment status.

In addition, certain energy efficiency measures, such as the use of alternative fuels, support petroleum reduction goals of the DFW Clean Cities Coalition.

This website is intended to help people interested in learning more about the topic of energy efficiency and renewable energy by compiling key resources and highlighting past and present efforts underway in North Central Texas.

Solar Work with the State Energy Conservation Office

In 2016 NCTCOG partnered with the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) to expand best management practices for solar photovoltaic systems throughout the State of Texas. Under the project, NCTCOG focused on supply side and demand side activities, including items such as outreach to niche markets, providing trainings and solar information statewide, and expanding permitting and ordinance templates statewide. Visit for more information, and a full list of produced resources.

Solar Ready II

In 2013 and 2014 NCTCOG participated in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Ready II program by partnering with the National Association of Regional Councils, the Mid-America Regional Council, and Meister Consultants Group.  NCTCOG worked with local governments and interested parties to implement best management practices and provide training for solar energy in the DFW region.  The goal of this project was to improve the DFW solar market by providing a more streamlined and standardized solar process. 


North Central Texas Stewardship Forum

The North Central Texas Environmental Stewardship Forum (Forum) began as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant funded effort dedicated to bringing together North Central Texas (NCT) governmental and quasi-governmental organizations to share best practices, lessons learned and resources to ease the burden of developing and supporting sustainability and environmental initiatives. Having completed the grant, the participating cities and EPA acknowledge the value the Forum brings to communicating and collaborating to achieve environmental goals. 

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