Air Quality Funding


Funding for Vehicles


Funding for Vehicle Projects

AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program
Financial assistance for light-duty vehicles
Passenger Vehicles Up to $600 for Repair
Up to $3,500 for Replacement
General Public Until all funds are awarded
Clean Fleets North Texas 2018 Call for Projects
Grants for replacement of heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment
Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles and Equipment
45% for Electric
35% CARB Low NOx Engines
25% for All Others
Local Governments;
Private Entities that Contract with Local Goverrnments
Last Friday of the Month (until all funds are awarded)
Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credit
Tax credit for the puchase of an electric vehicle (EV)
EV Passenger Vehicles and Light Trucks $2,500-$7,500 Per New EV Purchased Varies Phases are based on market sales
Fleets for the Future
Discounted prices through cooperative procurement to purchase alternative fueled vehicles and related infrastructure
Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Varies Public Fleets Varies
IC Bus Grant Program
Grants for new purchases of propane-powered CE series school buses
School Buses $5,000 Per Purchase School Districts Until all funds are awarded
Propane Council of Texas Incentive
Incentive to purchase propane-powered vehicles or convert vehicles to propane power
Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Up to $7,500 Per Vehicle or Conversion Private Fleets, Local Governments, State Fleets, Law Enforcement, School White Fleets, or Non-Profit Fleets Until all funds are awarded
Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program
Grants for replacement or repower of diesel or gasoline vehicles with natural gas or propane
Medium or Heavy-Duty Vehicles Determined by Maximum Grant Amount Tables Individuals, Corporations, Organizations, Governments, School Districts, or Any Other Legal Entity May 31, 2019
Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program (LDPLIP)
Rebates for purchase or lease of an eligible new motor vehicle powered by alternative fuels
Light-Duty Vehicles Up to $5,000 for CNG or LPG

Up to $2,500 for Electric or Hydrogen
Anyone (Individuals, Businesses, Governments, etc.) with the Limitation of Only Vehicles Purchased or Leased in Texas are Eligible for the Incentive May 31, 2019
Oncor Nissan LEAF Rebate Program
Rebate off a new, 100% electric 2018/2019 Nissan LEAF
2018/2019 Nissan LEAF $3,000 Rebate Current Employees and Customers of Oncor Who Reside in Texas January 2, 2019
Texas Clean Fleet Program
Grants for replacement of at least 10 diesel-powered vehicles with qualifying hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles
Light or Heavy-Duty Vehicles Up To 80% of Incremental Costs Anyone (Individuals, Businesses, Governments, etc.) Who Owns, Leases, or Commercially Finances a Fleet of 75 or More On-Road Vehicles February 18, 2019

Funding for Other Strategies that Improve Air Quality 

The Climate Trust Programs
Funding for new innovate projects that offset greenhouse gas emissions
Energy Efficiency Varies Public
General Public
No Deadline
Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency
Comprehensive listing of incentives and policies
Energy Efficiency Varies Varies No Deadline
Federal and State Incentives and Laws (Including Tax Credits)
Comprehensive listing of Federal and State incentives related to clean vehicles and fuels
Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Varies Varies Varies
North Texas Airport Emissions Reducation 2017 Call for Projects
Replace or repower diesel ground support equipment
Airport Ground Support Equipment 25-40% of the Incremental Cost Public
Final Deadline
September 29, 2018
Propane Council of Texas Incentive
Incentive to purchase commercialized propane mowers, both dedicated and duel fuel

*Can be combined with the incentive below
Lawn Equipment $1,000 Per Propane Mower or Propane Conversion Public
Until all funds are awarded
Propane Education & Research Council Incentive Updated
Incentives to purchase dedicated commercialized propane mowers

*Can be combined with the incentive above
Lawn Equipment $1,000* Per Propane Mower or $500* Per Propane Conversion

*Enter Code “2018GIEPERC” for an extra $500 incentive (valid until December 31, 2018)
Until all funds are awarded
Take a Load off, Texas Incentive Programs
Incentives for energy-related retrofit projects provided by Oncor
Energy Efficiency Varies Public
General Public
No Deadline
New Technology Implementation Grant Updated
Grants for technology designed to reduce emissions of regulated pollutants from stationary sources
Clean Technology Up to 50% of the Incremental Cost Owner or licensed operator of a facility January 14, 2019
LoanSTAR Program
Low-interest loans to assist financing facility retrofit projects
Energy Efficiency Maximum Loan Size Per Application: $8 Million

For Loans Funded With Repaid ARRA Funds, The Minimum Loan Size is $3 Million
Governments, school districts, institutions of higher education, and tax-supported public hospital districts August 30, 2019