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Once an idling ordinance is adopted, the next step is to promote awareness of local idling restrictions and provide information to truck drivers on available technologies and funding opportunities to help reduce excessive idling.  Local governments can install signs in areas traditionally known for excessive idling and promote awareness of restrictions throughout the jurisdiction.  Information on each of these education materials is provided below.

Educational materials provided by NCTCOG linked below.

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Local Government Guide
Appendix 1 - Regional Transportation Council Resolution
Appendix 2 - Model Ordinance 
Appendix 3 - Memorandum of Agreement for Vehicle Idling Limitations
Appendix 4 - Sample Implementation Plan
Appendix 5 - Examples of Vehicles Over 14,000 pounds GVWR
Appendix 6 - Vehicle Idling Exemption Checklist
Appendix 7 - Citations

a. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Limitations Rule: 30 Texas Administrative Code §114.510-517
b. Texas Health and Safety Code: § 382.113-115
c. Texas Water Code: § 7.351-7.352
d. Texas Health and Safety Code: § 382.0191

Appendix 8 - North Texas Ozone Non-Attainment Area Map

  1. Regional anti-idling regulatory signs - Deter truck drivers from idling in restricted areas
  2. Driver Education Brochures [English] [Español] - Inform truck drivers of anti-idling ordinance, idling negative effects, and anti-idling strategies
  3. Anti-idling posters [English] [Español] - Provide information about how to submit an idling complaint
  4. Local Government Guide - Provide guidance to local governments on how to implement and enforce an anti-idling ordinance
  5. Infographics - Provide general idling information targeted towards specific audiences that can used in presentations and web pages
  6. Idling Complaint Hotline - Allow the public to submit an idling complaint to NCTCOG.  More information in the following section
  7. Engine Off North Texas Website - Access to idling information and all resources provided by NCTCOG  

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