Safety Topic Resources

2017 Regional Contributing Factor Analysis Tables

Highway Safety Improvement Program Information
HSIP:  Assessment Toolbox   FHWA
HSIP Noteworthy Practices Series Materials  FHWA
Highway Safety Improvement Program and Safety Performance Management Measures Final Rules  FHWA

Safety Countermeasures and Techniques  
A Systemic Approach to Safety - Using Risk to Drive Action  FHWA
Applying Safety Data and Analysis to Performance-Based Transportation Planning  FHWA
Countermeasures that Work: A highway Safety Countermeasure Guide for State Highway Safety Offices, Sixth Edition, 2011  FHWA
FHWA Nine Proven Crash Countermeasures  FHWA
Guardrail Safety  FHWA
Handbook for Designing Roadways for Aging Population  FHWA
Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC)
Modern Roundabout Information  FHWA
Noteworthy Practices: Addressing Safety on Locally-Owned and Maintained Roads - A Domestic Scan  FHWA
Reducing Speeding-Related Crashes Involving Passenger Vehicles  NTSB
Solutions for Saving Lives on Texas Roads  TxDOT
Strategies and Countermeasures for Older Road Users Emphasis Area  TTI
Systemic Low-Cost Countermeasures for an Unsignalized Intersection Safety Improvement Plan for Virginia  VDOT
Using GPS and Advanced Simulation Tools to Improve Highway Safety   FHWA

Safety References
Proceedings of the 2013 National Wrong-Way Driving Summit 
A Focused Approach to Safety Guidebook  FHWA
Analysis of Crashes Resulting in a Pedestrian Fatality or Serious Injury 2010-2017    TTI
Federal Safety Performance Management  FHWA
How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan  FHWA
Local Roads Safety Resource CD  FHWA
‚ÄčNational Highway Institute Training  NHI
National Safety Council - Cell Phone Policy Kit  NSC
National Safety Council - Pledge to be Safe at Work  NSC
NHTSA Bicyclist Safety Fact Sheet  NHTSA
Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Audit Guide  ITE
Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 
Road Safety Resource Links
Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database  FHWA
Safety Evaluation of Discontinuing Late-Night Flash Operations at Signalized Intersections  FHWA
Speed Management for Safety Resource Hub Released   ITE
Street Light Data  USDOT
Texas Safety Campaign Resources   TxDOT
Transportation Safety Planning and the Zero Deaths Vision: A Guide for Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Local Communities  FHWA
TTI Crash Testing
Wrong Way Driving Road Safety Audit Prompt List  FHWA
Younger Drivers Toolkit for Local Agencies  Minnesota DOT

Traffic Safety Statistics
Alcohol Impaired Driving 2016 Data  NHTSA
Drug Involvement of Fatally Injured Drivers' Summary   NHTSA
GHSA Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State   GHSA
Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State - 2017 Preliminary Data  GHSA
Seat Belt Use in 2017 - Use Rates in the States and Territories  NHTSA
Speeding-Related Fatal Crashes Among Teen Drivers and Opportunities for Reducing the Risk  GHSA
Teenage Driver Fatalities by State - 2012 Preliminary Data  GHSA
         2013 Teen Driver Crash Fact Sheet
Traffic Safety Facts:  2016 Data on Motorcycles  NHTSA
Traffic Safety Facts:  2016 Motor Vehicle Crashes  NHTSA
Traffic Volume Trends  FHWA
2018 First Quarter - Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities   NHTSA
2017 Traffic Safety Facts  - Seat Belt Use (Overall Results)  NHTSA
‚Äč2016 Traffic Safety Facts - Bicyclists and Other Cyclists NHTSA
2016 Traffic Safety Facts - Pedestrians  NHTSA
2016 Traffic Safety Facts - Speeding  NHTSA
2016 Traffic Safety Facts - Summary  NHTSA
2015 Traffic Safety Facts - Distracted Driving  TRB
2012 Motivations for Speeding, Volume 1: Summary Report  NHTSA

Safety Newsletters
Systemic Pedestrian Safety Analysis Report  NCHRP
Safety Compass Newsletter - Fall 2018  FHWA
Road Safety Annual Report  2018  ITF