Contact Information: Transportation Project Programming Team

Please contact a member of the Transportation Project Programming (TIP) Team with questions about project funding.

North Central Texas Council of Governments
Transportation Department
P.O. Box 5888
Arlington, TX 76005-5888

Phone: 817-695-9240
Fax Number: 817-640-3028

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Focus AreaPhone Number
Christie Gotti
Senior Program Manager

Omar Barrios
Principal Transportation Planner
Ken Bunkley
Principal Transportation Planner
TIP Modifications817-695-9288
Brian Dell
Principal Transportation Planner
Project Selection, Project Reporting817-704-5694
Cody Derrick
Sr. Transportation Planner 
Project Selection, Project Reporting817-608-2391
Rachel Nguyen
Transportation Planner III
Charles Marsh
Transportation Planner III
TIP Modifications 817-704-5506
Liza Cox
Transportation Planner II
RTR Questions817-704-2503
Aliyah Shaikh
Transportation Planner II
TIP Modifications 817-695-9163
Sierra Medlock
Transportation Planner
TIP Modifications 682-433-0451
Dylan Niles
Transportation Planner 
Project Selection, Project Reporting
Sarah Sargent
Senior Administrative Assistant
Scheduling Meetings682-433-0356