Walk Bike and Roll Toolkits

Bike & Roll to School Day 2024

Event Toolkit

Thank you for joining Bike & Roll to School Day 2024! We are thrilled to have you on board for this exciting event. This event toolkit was created to empower your school and community in orchestrating a joyous and triumphant Bike & Roll Event.

Below, we've provided an event toolkit to plan and execute a successful event, including step by step guides for event planning, engaging activities like bike buses and rodeos, customizable templates for promotions, essential bike safety tips, and more! Remember, Bike & Roll is not limited to bicycling and rolling; therefore we have included resources for pedestrian-centered events as well.

This page will continue to update content as we develop more!

Register your School

After deciding to host a Bike & Roll to School Day event, schools are encouraged to register at the Walk Bike & Roll website to track participation in their region and show support for active, healthy, and safe transportation. Please ensure you obtain approval from school administration before registering your school.  Registration for Bike & Roll opens in March. 

Plan your Event

Walk Bike & Roll to School offers a variety of resources to assist you in planning your event, from first timer tips, a getting started guide, and a safety guide to plan a safe route for students to walk to school. Some guides are designed for biking, while others are tailored for pedestrians. We encourage communities to tailor their events according to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you choose to focus on walking, biking, rolling (includes modes like wheelchair use, skateboarding, or scootering) or all three, our resources provide adaptable ideas to suit your needs. 

Below you can find guides on how to start planning and finding volunteers:

How to Plan an Event in 7 Days - Checklist
How to Plan: Walk & Bike to School
Planning your Program in 4 easy steps
Volunteer Toolkit
Health and Sanitation protocols
Too Far to Walk or Bike

Seeking support from community partners is pivotal to a successful event. Below are a few ideas of who to reach out to for a partnership:


Spread the Word

To get volunteers and participants, schools have used many methods.  A few ideas include:

  • Send letters and/or flyers to families and community members
  • Post flyers at your school
  • Encourage students to make signs and banners
  • Host announcements in school newsletters and on the school intercom
  • Notify teachers and PTA/PTO staff

Below are a few templates to get your school started:

Parent Outreach Letter
Parent Event Reminder Letters
Walk Bike & Roll Signs and Banners

Visit our Social Media Toolkit for detailed images, links, and resources to help promote your event online!

Bike & Roll to School Day Activities

What's a Bike & Roll event without exciting and energizing activities for friends, families, and community members? Below are a variety of activities, games, and guides promoting the joy of walking, biking, and rolling:

Bicycle rodeos
Bike Train Guide - Safe Routes to School
Bike Train Guide - Cascade Bicycle Club
Bike Bingo Cards Example 1       Example 2      Example 3      Example 4       Example 5
Roll Up Bicycle Skills Clinic
Keep Calm and Carry On to School:  Improving Arrival and Dismissal for Walking and Biking
Tactical Urbanism and Safe Routes to School

Active Transportation Education

Discover valuable resources aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of active transportation and road safety. Explore informative guides, lesson plans, and initiatives designed to educate students, parents, and educators alike:

NHTSA Fitting A Helmet
NHTSA Bicycle Safety
NCTCOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Resources
League of American Bicyclists: Learning Center
Look Out Texans
Bicycle and Pedestrian Curricula Guide
Active Transportation Alliance Teacher Resources
Personal Safety Benefits in Safe Routes to Schools Initiatives
NHTSA National Pedestrian Safety
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety: Tips for Motorists Brochure
Walking Safely: Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Social Media Toolkit

Help us promote Bike & Roll to School Day this  year by posting the below images anywhere you can! They are conveniently formatted for Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter). The goal of Bike & Roll to School Day is to empower and encourage your community to foster a culture of safety, healthy habits, strong community connections, and a cleaner environment. Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Social Media Best Practices

To encourage more engagement and to spread awareness even further, we encourage you to use our hashtag, tag us and local officials, and share our content to your profile.


  • #BikeRollToSchoolDay
  • #SafeRoutestoSchool
  • #SafeRoutes
  • #ActiveTravel
  • #VisionZero
  • #BikeSafety
  • #BikeToSchool
  • #NationalBikeMonth

Tag your local officials and community partners across social media. Also, tag us by using @NCTCOGTrans-on-Instagram, Facebook, and X.

Reshare posts from:
@NCTCOGTrans on Facebook
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Feel free to use the graphics below to create social media posts.

Landscape: Good for Facebook or X.  (Click on an image for a downloadable version.)

two girls walking to school young boy on bike boy pushing girl in a wheelchair
Girl holding skateboard bicycling students armadillo on a bike


Square: Good for an Instagram post and Facebook.

tw Girl holding skateboard young boy on bike
bicycling students boy pushing girl in a wheelchair armadillo on a bike


Sample Captions
Pair the above images with a caption below:

  • Mark your calendars! Bike & Roll to School Day is on May 8! Bike & Roll to School Day is observed around the world, celebrating the benefits of bicycling, rolling, and walking, and spotlighting the importance of traffic safety. Learn more about it here: https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Did you know that biking to school helps reduce traffic and improves air quality? Read more about the benefits of Bike & Roll to School Day here: https://www.walkbiketoschool.org/learnmore/why-walkbike?
  • Considering celebrating Bike & Roll to School Day tomorrow? Students who walk or bike to school arrive more alert, focused, and ready to learn. Lear more about it here: https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Today is Bike & Roll to School Day! This annual celebration highlights the benefits of walking and bicycling, as well as the importance of traffic safety. Find more information about the event here: https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • As part of National Bike Month, we are participating in @NCTCOGTrans Bike & Roll to School Day! Join us May 8 as we celebrate with communities around the world. For details, visit https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Did you know kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily? Join us on Bike & Roll to School Day on May 8 and let's get moving! For details, visit https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Join us May 8 for Bike & Roll to School Day! Did you know biking, walking, and rolling to school helps the environment by cutting carbon emissions? Find out more at https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Bike & Roll to School Day is a great opportunity to fuel positive change, like fostering safer and more walkable routes to school. Join us on May 8 and make an impact on your community! Find out more at https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll
  • Why Bike & Roll to School? Because it builds community and empowers students of all abilities to enjoy physical activity, and foster social connections. Join us on May 8. For details, visit https://nctcog.org/walkbikeroll


Comments or questions? Pease contact Shawn Conrad at sconrad@nctcog.org or (817) 704-5695.